March 8, 2010

Little Mummy ~ Happy Birthday Emma!

Emma loves her babies.

Dressed in layers and layers of dress-up clothes...she is Mummy. Tenderly she cares for and nurtures her dollies. I tell her she is going to be the best Mummy in the whole world!

She says she will not be a better Mummy than me, but I tell her I'm sure that she will! Oh that the Lord would have her heart young and she would grow up to serve Him well.

Much better than me.

Just a little picture to demonstrate the layering involved here ~
it really is quite something! :)

Dearest Emma ~
As you turn eight years old, we pray that the Lord Jesus would have your heart and that you would be first and foremost HIS. Follow Him with all your heart and serve Him all your days and you will bring the greatest joy to your Daddy and Mummy!

Happy Birthday!

Lots of Love,
Daddy and Mummy


Lady Farmer said...

Oh, Happiest of Birthdays, precious Emma!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oh Camille! What a tender, loving mama she looks to be! Her and her baby look so special and cozy together! And Emma's outfit is beautiful! Feminine, without going over the top! Ha ha!
To have those years back when my now grown up daughters were Emma's age! Seize the day, friend!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!
How sweet that she thinks you're such a great Mommy. Beautiful photos. Great to have a girl, isn't it?

It's me ...Mavis said...

What a wonderful outfit to spend the afternoon in... :)Happiest Birthday Wishes to the girl in costume :)

Teresa said...


What a special gift for Emma to have you encouraging her to think lovingly of motherhood now, while she's young. The thoughts you plant now will bear loving fruit later. And how precious that she thinks you're a good mom:) She looks so sweet in her dress. Tell her Happy Birthday from me.

We enjoyed your potato soup recipe tonight!! Delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Teresa said...


I'm sorry--I think I got that potato soup recipe from another blog. I printed off some of your recipes too, so I'm a little mixed up. I plan on trying your chicken soup recipe soon, so I'll let you know how that goes!

Thanks for sharing the recipes, though:)

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Happy Birthday, Emma. So cute that she likes her dolls. My granddaughter, almost 2, loves dolls as well. I will need to get one for her. Little girls are so adorable. I still love my daughter now that she's an adult, still dear to my heart. Hugs and have a great day.

Sharon said...

How precious! I hope that Miss Emma had a woonderful Birthday filled with many blessings :) Sweet pictures :)

Have a blessed day Camille :)

Camille said...

Raeann ~ Thank you! It was a special day...can't believe my "baby" is eight! :(

Cindy ~ LOL...not "over the top" indeed! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy these days...I do realise that they will so quickly be behind us. :(

Heather ~ I had no idea how special it would be to have a little lady in the house! :)

Mavis ~ Thanks...oh what we wouldn't give for such an outfit hey? :) Actually, there were about seven dresses/skirts involved there.

Teresa ~ Nope that wasn't my potato soup recipe, but I love getting new recipes, are you going to share the link?? :) Thanks for the birthday wishes...I passed them on!

Becky ~ Oh yes, do get your little grand-daughter a special! :) I would imagine that the Mother-Daughter friendship grows and grows...such a blessing!

Sharon ~ It was a special day...thanks for your sweet encouragement! :)


Unknown said...

Beautiful post! Happy Birthday Emma!

Camille said...

LOL...Jenn ~ we were visiting each other at the same time! :) I just left you a comment too. Thanks for your visit and the birthday wishes for Emma ~ have a lovely evening.


Becky said...

So sweet!! Happy Birthday Emma!!!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Beautiful!

I just saw the photo of that SOUP on another blog and HAD TO COME FOR A VISIT! Wish these blogs allowed you to be able to SMELL the photos too! = )

Much love,

Wanting What I Have said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! Seeing your pictures makes me smile! Especially of you and your layers! Oh my! What a beautiful ensemble. You are precious and I hope your day was absolutely wonderful! God bless you sweet girl.

Camille said...

Thanks Becky! :)

LOL Cheryl...I sometimes think that too! :)

Thanks for your sweet comment J ~ she dresses like this routinely! :)


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Emma! I know you are going to be a good mommy because you're mommy is a WONDERFUL example.

Camille said...

Jackie ~ You are very sweet...thank you! Any good in me is because of the blessed we are to be HIS! :)