March 3, 2010

Olympic Day in the City

We had been told ~
"You must go downtown and experience the Olympic feeling up close and personal...just go!"

"Okay, okay, we will go!" And we did.
Last Tuesday was the big day for us ~ we were all happy that we took the advice kindly given, and ventured Downtown.

These buses were everywhere and we enjoyed seeing them...
they were very "Olympic-y" ~ my new word. :)

Public transportation was, of course, the only way to go ~ so we took the SkyTrain from the comfort of the suburbs to the bustling city streets ~ Fraser with Daddy.

Calvin, Emma and Austin with their "driver's" view.

The Fraser River SkyTrain bridge coming up...

The banks of False Creek were crowded with innumerable Inuksuit ~
presumably built by those who had been there before us.
Science World in the distance.

It was a very grey and drizzly day ~ the first we'd had in awhile...
but typical for our West Coast winters.

The Torch and the children in front of the Torch ~ We could have waited in a 45 minute line for a picture with no fence links in the background, but we opted for this look (below) instead.

Quatchi...up close and personal with Emma!
We watched the mascots skate on the Robson Square outdoor ice rink ~ a treat! :)

Everywhere you looked there was another banner or dressed up building ~ very fun to see.

Emma watching Russian dancers in the Russian Pavillion ~ sweet! :)

Many things were dressed up differently for the Olympics and this was one of the more dramatic ~ Science World turned Russian Pavillion. Russia is gearing up to host the Winter Olympics in 2014.

There were fabulous flags within this pavillion and the kids each stood by their favourite and had a pic taken by Mum. Unfortunately, Austin is very washed out and there was no time for a retake ~ but it's a memory. :)

We ended our excursion with a real treat ~ dinner out at White Spot...the best family style restaurant in the Lower Mainland! Mummy and Emma waited and coloured while the boys caught the end of the Hockey game being broadcast on the restaurant TV. They returned to the table just as the food was being served ~ how did they manage that? :)


Farming On Faith said...

Oh what great fun~you have a beautiful family.
You are blessed. I loved the pictures!

Mouse and Magoo said...

Great pictures!
I LOVE the olympics! Love e'm!
You should check out my blog sometime! It IS only open to people I choose, so I'd have to get your email. My sister has one too. It's really cute.
cyl! (comment you later!)
Dancing Princess,

Camille said...

Carrie ~ Thanks so much for your sweet comment! It was a fun day, but one time was enough for was a busy place! :)

Meghan ~ I would enjoy visiting you. If you go to my profile page (click on the "My Family" pic at the right) and you will find a link to my email there. Looking forward to visiting you! :)


legendswife said...

Awesome pics:)Glad you guys were able to do it. It's one of those once in a lifetime things, you know!

God Bless

Oh yes, I have to say I went to the bottom and right before I was going to scroll back up, what do I see? That awesome dessert. YUM!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hi Camille,
Thank you for popping over to visit my blog and leaving a comment. It is lovely to have someone from Canada visit as I have just found out about my Canadian heritage! My great grandmother was from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was a Fairbanks and her father was very wealthy and I am intrigued to learn more about this famous family and the places they settled in thus I am about to start a project on Canada with the children. We watched the winter olympics each morning, doing our schoolwork in the afternoon. My children are all ice skaters and have been skating for over 6 years now, my twins started skating at age 3 and they love being on the ice( we spend each Saturday morning at the ice rink which seems to employ a few Canadians who of course play ice hockey!) We mainly watched the figure skating but also loved the snowboarding and the skiing cross events, so much more exciting when it is a race between four skiers and there were even a few Australians to cheer on! The coverage also showed us lots of Vancouver so it was well worth watching.

It's me ...Mavis said...

Great Pictures :)

Camille said...

Legendswife ~ Welcome! I would agree...once in a lifetime for sure! :)

Ann ~ How wonderful that you were able to adjust the schooling for the Olympics...I'm sure your children enjoyed it! Figure skating was lovely to watch...are your twins figure skaters? Or hockey players? My boys all play figure skaters in this family. :)

Thanks Mavis! :)


Unknown said...

Wow! what an awesome opportunity for your family. Looks like you had a great day and made a lot of memories.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Again, just an amazing homeschool opportunity. So glad you guys got to go. My parents taped the opening ceremonies and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Your kids will never forget the Canadian Olympics!

Camille said...

Jenn ~ It was a fun day...thanks! :)

Jackie ~ I think you are right...a memory that will last that's for sure! :)


Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

What fun!! My boss and wife were up there. Didn't go to any event but they liked being there. They were able to watch sporting events on the tv in the hotel room.

We were at the Worlds Fair in Vancouver in 1986(?). Loved it. Now we're much closer. Maybe again. Take care!

Camille said...

Hi Becky! It was surely a fun place to be ~ the city really was well prepared and hosted well I thought. I think the TV was the best view for sure...the actual events were very expensive.

You were here for Expo '86? That's fun! :) We were downtown a lot that summer...we had unlimited passes ~ my parents got them for all of us. That's a little while ago now hey? ;-)


Cheryl said...

NO WAY!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!! What an adventure for your family...I am AWE! = )

Camille said...

Cheryl ~ The kids were so excited that WE were hosting...I think it will be something they will never forget. :)