March 1, 2010

The "Small" Things...

Taking notice of even the smallest of things on this "Multitude Monday" ~ continuing to count the blessings in my Journal of Thanks. When we slow down and consider all that we have, we become attuned to His many gifts.
Today's list of the small things...

296. Buds of leaves soon to be born...

297. First flowers of the season ~ Heather outside the front door

298. Sweetest little music box ~ long ago gift from my Sweetheart

299. Lego cars on windowsill ~ in boy-becoming-man's room...

300. Fraser's handiwork ~ buildings for a school project

301. Baby teeth ~ both lost in the same night

302. Two less teeth ~ and a smile that is changing...

303. Stack of Beatrix Potter books ~ treasures.

304. Chess game being played amidst "life" as they pass by the table throughout the day...

305. Birds chirping in the early hours of the morning ~ first sign of spring
306. "I love you Mum" in the voices of the children ~ large and small
307. Thoughtful gestures done in secret
308. Empty laundry hampers ~ not really a "small" thing ~ but rare! :)
309. Little toes and feet ~ not for long!
310. Baby teeth ~ fewer and fewer...cherish the moments!
311. Childish voices
312. Moments of quiet ~ but not for long!
313. Rays of sunshine across the livingroom floor
314. Lengthening days ~ another sign of spring
315. Candlelight at the table ~ with our children
316. Shared secrets
317. Snuggling with Emma in the chair and a half
318. Leftovers ~ rare around here

Many Blessings,


Wanting What I Have said...

This post kept me smiling! From the music box gift to the lego cars...I have my set of Beatrix Potter given to me as a baby, 28 years ago! They are treasures.

Your pics are great! (Are you shooting with a different camera or lens? :) )

And...again, you encourage me to participate in Multitude Monday...perhaps I'll jump on board next week. I just haven't made time to read about it, etc.

Happy day to you!

Layton Family said...

thank you! my son is 7 yrs old and I awfully heard myself say, "grow up" the other day when he pouted and cried over something so silly. Truly it was silly, but my response was harsh - and worse, how I'll feel when he does grow up! Surely I'll want that time back.

thanks for the reminder!

Patty said...

Some lovely blessings.

Nadine said...

What sweet blessings - I can imagine you are enjoying participating in this...a good way to remind us all of God's goodness to us!


Sharon said...

What blessings Camille :) I love reading your thankfulness posts, they are so encouraging and show how truly wonderful our Lord is!

Have a most blessed day rejoicing in Him!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

In the midst of some very difficult times, your post was a gentle reminder of everyday blessings we can be thankful for.

Cinnamon said...

I love Fraser's handiwork and the two lost teeth~ Very cute~

I was reading Psalm 91 this morning and it fit so perfectly, just like you said. Thanks again for your sweet words~


Camille said...

J ~ You bring a smile to MY face...thanks for your sweet comments! Only jump on board if you think you can do it without overburdening yourself. Even one or two things on the "list" and you don't have to post every week. In fact, you can keep a hard copy journal...maybe do that to start...just list it out ~ take pics as you are able and ENJOY! :)
Yes, I have now a SLR camera...and LOVE it!! Having some serious fun experimenting. There is still a mix of "old" camera and "new" camera photos on this blog. For example, the post about the Olympic Projects was all done with the "old" as I was not brave enough to go skating (which I haven't done for about 5 years) with the "new" around the neck! Thanks for the encouragement...I love YOUR pics! :)

Welcome Stef ~ Oh I DO know what you mean! We so often "wish" for things we really don't wish for at all! We all need that perspective. Such blessings these little ones are! :)

Welcome Patty ~ And Thanks! :)

Nadine ~ I have thoroughly enjoyed it...and it has a funny way of making me stop and "smell the roses" a little more often. Are you going to join in? ;-)

Sharon ~ You warm my heart...thanks for WANTING to read these posts! That is a blessing to me! :)

Cindy ~ I am so sorry you are having challenging times! I will be especially remembering you in prayer this week.

Cinnamon ~ I am SO GLAD you were reading Psalm 91...isn't it WONDERFUL? God's Word is so rich and such an encouragement to our hearts...we are so fortunate to have free access to it! May the Lord give you all you need day by day as you look to HIM for all things!

May the Lord bless you each one!
In His Love,

Farming On Faith said...

Oh what a fun post!
I think Spring weather is in our forecast~woohoo!
You have a wonderful day!

Camille said...

Thanks Carrie! I hope that spring weather comes your way! :)


Mouse and Magoo said...

Wow! Spring already! :)
We are still packed with snow! We're stil waiting for snowstorm # two and three! Love the photos,