March 10, 2010

Welcome Spring!


Patiently (and sometimes impatiently) ~ Waiting.

Welcome Spring!

**Our cherry blossom tree ~ Spring 2010**


Unknown said...

No fair! How is it that you guys, way up in Canada, can be ahead of us, way down here in the Midwest of the US? LOL! *Love* your pic! spring will get here soon too (I hope!)


Heather said...

Great photo, Camille!
It IS amazing how we got less snow than the "South" did this year :)
Have a good night.
Love, Heather

Wanting What I Have said...

WOW!!! GO CAMILLE!!! That picture is FABULOUS!!! - We're glad spring is here, too!

Unknown said...

Great Photo! I love the shallow depth-of-field! Just beautiful!

Lady Farmer said...

Our Spring was here, but the last couple of days there have been snow/sleet/hail showers that have covered the ground in white!
I don't know who is more confused ~ me or the flora and fauna! Our poor little hummingbirds don't enjoy the *frozen* feeder!

It's me ...Mavis said...

Hello Spring... I'm glad you are finally here :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

My cherry tree is in bloom! It's lovely. As I'm typing this there are birds chirping outside my window. Love it!

Stop by my place if you want a good laugh!

Camille said...

Susan ~ It has been cold here off and on...and grey too. Those blossoms even had FROST on them just a couple of mornings ago! It WILL arrive soon...hang in there! :)

Heather ~ I know, it's been a strange winter, hasn't it? :) Thanks for the encouragement...I love your photos.

J ~ Thanks for your sweet encouragement...I love your photos too. :) AND we are HOPING Spring is here! ;-)

Jenn ~ You are another of my photographing means alot that you would like this shot. I can't take credit for *knowing* what I am doing...just learning what the new camera can do! :)

Raeann ~ too...we had hail/snow on Emma's birthday ~ thankfully it didn't stick! That was partly the reason why I posted this...we are trying to be patient! :) I was afraid that these buds were not going to make it through the frost we had just the other morning.

Mavis ~ It's always mingled in with those grey days though, isn't it! :)

Stacie ~ I love this time of year...especially hearing the birds! I stopped by and read your was cute! Lots of adventures going out with littles in multiples hey? :)